What follows are some testimonials from people and couples who have worked with me in therapy over the past few years.  I hope that visitors to this site will find it useful to hear what some of my clients have experienced in the process of achieving their goals.
Coming to counseling is an important and private decision, in order to protect their personal information, the names have been removed out of respect for their privacy.

  • The effects of abuse had been plaguing me long enough.  I was referred to Debra Warner because she specialized in treating people who had been through abuse.  She is also trained in EMDR, a non-traumatic approach to dealing with that abuse.  I had tried other traditional forms of therapy with some results, but the abuse was still impacting my life.  Debra’s gentle approach helped me through the healing process.  She helped me get my life back.  Thank You Debra!
    LW, Thousand Oaks, 
  • Rarely do you find a therapist with such sensitivity, perception and compassion as Debra Warner.  If you are going through a difficult time in your life Debra Warner is the one to help you through it.  She is easy to talk to and I trusted her with things that I haven’t shared with anyone else.  She is the reason I was able to put my life back together.  She helped me and I know she will be able to help you too.  
    SS, Los Angeles, CA
  • When you are going through a difficult time, and seeking help from a therapist, you want someone who you can connect with, someone who is professional and can help you through the process of healing.  That person is Debra Warner.  I have been in therapy before and have never worked with a therapist who has such insight, dedication and therapeutic skills as Debra. Because of these skills, and her compassion, I was able to open up to her like no one else.  During the time that we worked together she went the extra mile and has been more effective in my treatment than ever before.  She made therapy something I actually looked forward to!  
    RT, Westlake Village, CA
  • Debra is really one of a kind. Her ability to take the time necessary to really get to know her clients, understand their problems and utilize the many tools she possesses really allows her to be a stand out in this field. She is so warm, caring, and nonjudgmental that we always feel comfortable opening up and discussing our problems with her. Since visiting Debra we’ve been able to dig much deeper to identify the root cause of our problems, truly understand them, and work together as husband and wife to make the changes necessary. We have seen big improvements in our overall ability to communicate, understand and appreciate each other’s differences. We definitely recommended her to anybody looking for a great therapist. In fact, we have recommended her to our friends who seemed to be experiencing some of the same typical marital struggles that we have. They love her as well.  
    BL, Thousand Oaks, CA