Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Family Therapy

Growth Is In Your Hands

Growth Is In Your Hands

The heart of every parenting plan should include Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids.

Every parent wants to equip their child to deal with the social and emotional pressures necessary to succeed in life. Utilizing the Gottman Method of Emotional Coaching, I work with parents to help them raise their children’s EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) which in turn will help them:

• Increase self-confidence
• Enjoy greater health and stronger immune systems
• Improve their performance at school
• Develop healthy social relationships

Parents who become Emotional Coaches will achieve the following:

Develop better awareness of the child’s emotions
•  Use these moments as "magic" teaching moments
•  Develop more intimacy
Help the child verbalize their feelings
•  Help their child problem solve

Parents are doing the best they can to raise happy and healthy kids and teens. Kids are also trying to do their best to make themselves and their families happy. Everyone is trying hard, but things aren’t always working. As a Breakthrough Parenting Certified Therapist, I offer individual or group support and training classes to help parents understand more effective methods of interacting with their kids. Please call me to discuss how we can work together to make your home a peaceful refuge!