Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

Confidentiality and privacy

Clients expect a safe and confidential environment when seeking the assistance of a therapist.  This is provided except in certain situations which are discussed below. We are not allowed to discuss your counseling, or even that you have sought counseling, with anyone outside this office, unless you give us written permission to do so. Within the office, counselors may consult with other counselors, sharing only information necessary to address the clinical concerns.

There are some exceptions to these rules of confidentiality. Under the law, there are conditions that require your counselor to take some action and this may mean breaking confidentiality.
If your counselor:

  • believes that you intend to either seriously harm or kill yourself
  • believes that you intend to either seriously harm someone else or their property
  • suspects child abuse/neglect
  • suspects dependent adult abuse/neglect on your part
  • suspects elder abuse/neglect on your part

In such instances he/she is legally and ethically bound to report this to the appropriate authorities.